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What is NVDash?

We Want to Help You!

If you have ANY issues with or suggestions for NVDash (or even if you just want to say "hey"), please contact our founder at kmukai@nvdrones.com and he will get back to you as soon as possible, many times within minutes.

Customer feedback is how we continue to improve our platform at breakneck speeds, and with your help we can move even faster. Thank you!


NVDash is an integrated web and mobile platform that enables drone teams to easily comply with government regulations as well as improve operational efficiency. NVDash allows drone pilots and teams to:

  • Fly safely with comprehensive and real-time airspace information provided by AirMap
  • Know the flying conditions with real-time weather information
  • Manage your entire team by easily on-boarding as well as tracking team equipment and personnel usage (flight hours, past projects/flights, battery cycles, etc.)
  • Optimize your team's workflow by creating checklists (e.g. create a charging, pre-flight, and post-flight checklist). You can add checkboxes, custom text entries, and other items to checklist templates.
  • Increase efficiency by executing and logging completed checklists
  • Manually log flights
  • Easily organize logged flights and checklists within projects
  • Generate beautiful flight reports for customer sharing as well as compliance
  • Invite team members to join your team/organization
  • Upload flight logs from various drones and GCS.

NVDash Currently Supports the Following Flight Logs:
Autoflight Logic
Freefly Alta
Healthy Drones
Maps Made Easy

Support Coming Soon:
Pixhawk .tlog and .bin
Many More

Why Should You Use NVDash?

Hundreds and soon-to-be thousands of drone pilots use NVDash because they were tired of using paper and/or spreadsheets to manage their drone operations. By simplifying and streamlining your team operations NVDash fine-tunes the engine of your drone team so you can focus more on your core responsibilities and services.

To learn more about what NVDash can offer please read on by visiting our web and mobile walkthroughs.

What is NVDash?